About the Artist


Lorena Ferguson is a Manitoba artist whose art will draw you in and keep you captivated as you discover both whimsy and meaning hidden in its depths. Filled with suddenly-noticed surprises, compelling colour arrangements and subtle changes in texture, Lorena’s art is a feast for the eyes, a resting place for the spirit and a welcome focus for the mind. Her work will re-spark the playful imagination that remains in every human heart.  Working with a variety of mediums, Lorena loves to create mixed media pieces combining collage, paint, ink and anything she can get her hands on.

Lorena grew up 40 minutes north of Winnipeg where she lived most of her life. Born with a highly creative spirit, she loves to push boundaries, test limits and see how far she can take her imagination. Lorena has spent time as an accomplished musician, guitar player, singer, public speaker, writer and spiritual leader. However, her first love was art and creativity, something she always knew she would get back to.

Lorena has recently made the decision to move her studio and work into cre8ery gallery and studio in Winnipeg and looks forward to being further inspired by the creative atmosphere and artists in residence.

Stop by to see her at her studio at cre8ery (125 Adelaide Street,
Winnipeg) after November 1, 2018 or find her on facebook/instagram: lorenafergusonart