Mixed Media / Collage

I love to create mixed media works of art because the possibilities of what can happen seem endless when I don’t limit myself to a single medium.  I use paint, paper, ink and anything that inspires in the moment.  Although, rest assured, even in my spontaneity, each medium is applied thoughtfully, in correct order and with skill to ensure the finished piece remains robust and of the utmost quality.

These works of art tend to become a treasure hunt for the onlooker as they are filled with unexpected visual wonders woven throughout the artwork.  Many people have relayed to me how they stood and looked at a piece of my work for a very long time because they just didn’t want to tear themselves away until the discovered all there was to see!

As with any of my art, contact me if you are interested in seeing or acquiring a piece of my mixed media / collage.

(to view available Mixed Media works go to the Art for Sale page!